Green Manifesto

As an agency focused on helping the commercial and arts sectors to develop greener practices, we provide the following advice to all our clients and photographers on the best ways to produce green shoots and follow ethical approaches. As an organisation, we commit ourselves to the following practices, and will endeavour to advise all our clients and photographers to do the same. An ongoing commitment means that we are regularly updating our guide with the best available methods.


To retain representation by Land Art Agency, photographers should endeavour to represent sustainable practice wherever possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using second hand equipment
  • Using the greenest available developing processes
  • Reusing hard drives & USBs
  • Using external providers that are affiliated with Land Art Agency
  • Following all other relevant practices outlined in this document wherever possible

All photographers currently represented by Land Art Agency have produced work that uses, focuses on, or supports environmentally sustainable photography.


‘Without a focus on correcting injustice, work on climate change addresses only symptoms, and not root causes.’

Bronx Climate Justice North

Land Art Agency is committed to working with and supporting initiatives that call for equality, community and diversity. It is our priority to connect with local initiatives and support teaching and education in the work that we do. 


All work will be managed through digital job files, including digital invoicing. We ask that any contracts are signed digitally through programmes such as Adobe Acrobat and any annotations, amendments or similar to any files shared between agency and photographer or client are produced in a digital format.

Green Website Hosting

Our website is hosted by servers that are powered by 100% renewable energy. To learn more about what Eco Hosting does as a platform to support the environment take a look on their website.


We only affiliate with providers who can ensure pioneering green initiatives including: make-up/ sets/ props/ equipment/ studios/ transportation etc. 

When working with clients, we will only work with clients who can confirm their commitment to greener practices. Where these greener practices are not yet apparent, in working with Land Art Agency they should commit to liaising with the organisation to endeavour to improve all future practice where feasible. 

We will also ask clients to complete the follow form, committing to sustainable production across their shoot:

Where working on projects directly for brands, we will ask them to supply a statement on their commitment to sustainability and will only agree to work where these statements are in-line with Land Art Agency’s values.

Where there are any exceptions to the above, we will discuss this with the client during contract negotiations and ask them to consider alternative plans of action, and have them budget for this accordingly.


A percentage of all Land Art agency profits will be put towards Rewilding Britain & Deep Adaptation Initiatives. These donations will be based on yearly net profit.

We will provide the option to all clients to provide additional funds to support these services.

Ethical Banking

As an organisation we are committed to ensuring we only bank with ethical providers, who have policies on the types of clients they will work with and push profits towards ethical providers. We also suggest ethical banking and energy providers to all our photographers, and can provide advice to our clients.

Other sustainable actions & normalising behaviours

In the work we produce, we encourage that clients think about ways of infiltrating their campaigns with things that normalise environmental behaviour for everyone. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Diversity in all forms should be included in considerations and plans for casting, including race, gender, LGBTQ+ and disability
  • Use reusable products such as coffee cups, canvas bags, etc.
  • Turn off lights when leaving rooms
  • Turn off taps
  • Do not use disposable cutlery or plates
  • Use waste recycling facilities and composting bins
  • Showcase low energy transport options
  • Where cars are used, they should be electric or hybrid
  • Showcase solar panels on shots of the home


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.